Aatosvainio in Pyhäjoki


Pyhäjoki – a low-lying seaside municipality by the Bothnian Bay

Pyhäjoki is a seaside municipality of some 3,000 residents in Northern Ostrobothnia by the Bothnian Bay. Raahe and Kalajoki are both about 30 km away and the distance to Oulu and Kokkola is about 100 km.

Pyhäjoki is a peaceful rural area close to the Pyhäjoki river. The northern branch of the river and the Hourunkoski rapids are in the immediate vicinity of Aatosvainio, the new residential area to be built in Pyhäjoki. Aatosvainio is only a few kilometres from the sea and about 10 km from Hanhikivi.

Fennovoima is planning to build Finland’s sixth nuclear reactor in Pyhäjoki, in the Hanhikivi area.

Aatosvainio – a pleasant residential community surrounded by nature

The planning of the Aatosvainio area is based on respect for nature and the landscape. The planning of the area has taken into account the surrounding rural environment and the vicinity of the Pyhäjoki municipal centre. In terms of massing, the area will match the existing buildings and the building traditions in Northern Ostrobothnia, for example, through the choice of colours and roof shapes. The homes have been designed so that the living spaces will open up towards the yard as well as the south and southwest, providing warmth and light. The entire area will consist of single-storey buildings, most with a gable roof. The buildings will have timber frames and cladding and they will be painted with earthy colours, primarily light grey and ochre as well as tones of yellow and red ochre. With the selected colours, Aatosvainio will become a pleasant and unique neighbourhood that blends into the environment. There will also be a day care centre in the centre of the residential area.

Siklan "Täysvalmis" Home – Building your new home from beginning to end

Sikla’s Täysvalmis concept is an ideal solution for anyone who values their time and wants a unique home built by professionals. As your builder, we will take care of the permits and earthworks and build your home up to full completion, including exterior painting and lawn areas. You will be able to have a say on the floor plan and technical services and interior design professionals will help you when selecting materials and fixed furnishings.

We will build a residential area in Aatosvainio, Pyhäjoki, and we have selected from our collection the best solutions considering the whole area and individual lots. Our homes are modern and bright buildings with clean lines and their architecture highlights spaciousness and the maximization of living spaces. Sikla’s touch will be visible in this new area that will become one of the future landmarks in Pyhäjoki.


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